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Apr 15

Just Saw The Team USA Announcement

Yes, I know it was made two days ago. But I’ve barely been online for the past few days. I see that there’s been some negative reactions, mostly from a few individuals from the MW. But my reaction to the selections is entirely positive. There are a whole lot of skilled, dedicated, extremely talented players who made the team. There are also a bunch of skilled, dedicated, and extremely talented players who are on the alternates list. Some of the players were clear choices to make the team, but the selection committee also had a lot of difficult decisions to make. I’m not gonna complain about any of them. They’ve selected an incredibly talented team, and so I honestly feel like they did their job well. Excited to see this team go for the gold in a few months in Vancouver.

Apr 13


"Everyone in the community should stop striving to be considered "elite" by the "big names" of the sport and just focus on being the best player you can be for your team. Once you start being named "elite", people watch you just hoping for you to fail. Play for your teammates, not for them. Even if the community doesn’t recognize your efforts, they will."

Apr 08

World Cup VII Comprehensive Interregional Matchups Post →


OK So I did this last year, and I wanted to do it again because I just love data and the results of all of this are so telling and also really cool. I also just wanted an excuse to use Excel


Here is every region’s record vs every other region, save Oceania (the Australian team)…

Mar 24 →


Hey so can everyone who is going to the Quidditch World Cup remember to not be assholes to the refs/volunteers over the course of the weekend? These people are volunteering their time to make sure the tournament runs smoothly (some are even sacrificing their rest time as they have games to play…

Mar 24

Glass City Recap →


FIrst off, wow was this a well run tournament! Glass City last year was a well run tournament and this one out did that. We enjoyed this tournament and will definitely be coming back for a third one next year.

Now onto the team analysis:

CMU wins it all. This team is on…

Yeah, that last point is way out of line. While it’s not a strategy that my team has ever employed, it is still a perfectly legitimate and valid strategy. In every sport, teams find the strategy that works best for them. Just because it’s less exciting, doesn’t mean it’s not valid. Look at college basketball, for example. The team I’m a diehard fan of, BYU, is all about pushing the ball up the floor as fast as possible and is in the top ten in the country for most points per game scored.  And we went out in the first round of the NCAA tournament, because we had an off-day shooting and couldn’t play solid defense on one of their big men, who had a monster game against us.  Contrast that with a team like Wisconsin.  They are all about slowing the pace of play down and focusing heavily on defense.  Not as exciting to watch, but it works great for them. They just beat the same team that BYU lost to, Oregon. Their strategy worked great for them, and they’re going to the Sweet 16 as a result.  Slow-paced or boring does not equal cheap or disrespectful. A team that refuses to let the quaffle or bludger go in a timely manner after they’re beat in order to really slow down play, yes, that is inappropriate and cheap.  But a team that slows play down by bringing a bludger up to protect the quaffle on every offensive possession?  Not cheap or inappropriate in the slightest.

Mar 22



With apologies to the IQA World Cup marketing team. 
Blame Danson. 


Mar 19

Quiddtich World Cup VII - April 5-6, 2014

My favorite one so far.  This actually was my World Cup journey last year.  Such good memories.


Quiddtich World Cup VII - April 5-6, 2014

My favorite one so far.  This actually was my World Cup journey last year.  Such good memories.

Mar 17

World Cup VII Pools


World Cup VII Pools

Mar 08

Got Crazy Strong Cravings For Playing Quidditch Today

There are plenty of things I miss being able to do while dealing with my current health problems.  But sometimes, I get an incredibly strong desire to do something that I used to enjoy that I’m physically unable to do right now. Such was the case today, with quidditch. I was even imagining myself out there on the pitch again. Man, I really miss playing quidditch. I should have treasured it more when I was able to. Of course I’ll play again once I’m better, but I don’t know if or when that will happen. So do me a favor, players of the quidditch community.  Next time you’re out there on the pitch, enjoy it, savor it, love it. Because you have no idea how lucky you are that you get the opportunity to play quidditch. I didn’t fully appreciate it until it was gone from my life. Don’t wait that long to really appreciate it it and play to the best of your abilities, with all your heart. 

Feb 19 →


I think it finally hit me tonight, for some random reason, that it’s my last semester and I only have two more tournaments with Aggie Quidditch. I got a little teary-eyed. So proud of how far our team has come in the past four years and it feels a little unreal that my time is…